Have you ever noticed the small Sleeknote-logo next to your active Sleeknote? Don't worry if you haven't. Most people don't notice it.

In case you haven't the badge looks like this:

This badge comes as part of almost every Sleeknote. With almost we mean that the badge is automatically incuded in all our monthly pricing plans and therefore is non-removeable.

However if you decide to to buy an annual subscription it is possible to remove the badge. In case you want to do so, go to your 'Account'-page and find the Sleeknote bagde tab. Just mark the box saying 'Hide the Sleeknote badge on the boxes' and you should be all set!

Note: If you have any active SleekBoxes you should deactivate them and then activate them again after doing this. Otherwise the badge will still appear.

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