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Exit Intent technology

Exit intent popups are designed to catch bouncing visitors. The idea with Exit Intent popups is to increase the lead generation and offer your visitors something that has value to them, which then leads to visitors that stays longer on your website and boosting your website traffic. The Exit intent technology is also one of the less intrusive ways to convert visitors into hot leads. Don’t let your marketing efforts go to waste and start converting abandoning visitors into potential customers!

So how does it work?

Exit intent technology tracks your visitor’s mouse movement on your site and when it looks like the visitor is about to bounce, move past the browser bar, it triggers the SleekBox to popup.

Where do you find this awesome technology?

You find the Exit intent option in the last step editing a SleekBox under ‘Change rule’ then 'Add another trigger' and then adding 'Exit intent'.

If you only want the Exit intent popup to be shown on specific pages, saying for example the first two steps in your cart you just use our ‘Specific pages’ and add the URL’s for these sites.