Add a single line to your links and we won’t show your Sleeknote. Tip: Use this new option in your newsletters.

How does it work?

Query string exeptions is a oppotunity for you to differ cases, when you don’t want your sleeknote to appear. By adding “?SNSubscribed=true” to any given url/link we automatically place a cookie on your visitors browser telling the sleeknote not to appear.
1. Edit your Sleeknote and go to last step settings
2. Open setup visibility options
3. Activate ‘use exception’
4. Use “?SNSubscribed=true” in the end of your link

Let’s say that you want to exclude all visitors, who visit your site coming from your newsletter. Then you only have to add ?SNSubscribed=true in all newsletter links. Example: domain/sale/?SNSubscribed=true

Sharing between Sleeknotes
The cookie is shared between Sleeknotes, so if a customer already signed up in a Sleeknote, and you choose to activate a query/cookie based exception in a new Sleeknote, your new box won’t appear for subscribers.

Use this cookie in your forms
You can even choose to set the cookie yourself, if you for example have a registration form. Simply add cookie name: SNSubscribed with a value of 1.

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