Have you ever forgotten to activate (or deactive) your SleekBox at the right time? Fear no more!

With the introduction of time-based activation you now have the option to either activate your SleekBox at a specific time or choose to activate it only for a set amount of time. Wheter it's a new or existing SleekBox.

The first thing you have to do is to identify the Sleeknote you would like to time activate:

Next, go to the 'Settings' step and scroll towards the bottom until you reach 'Schedule activation':

Select 'Add schedule':

Choose either fixed period or repeating period (if you have recurring promotions for example)

Then select time and date and click 'Add schedule'.

After selecting the wished time period just finish with 'Save Sleeknote'. Checking under 'My Sleeknotes' the selected time should now be displayed under the SleekBox

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