When running your website through a site performance tool like Google PageSpeed Insights, you might see the Sleeknote name appearing but don’t worry - there’s an explanation for this and Sleeknote does not slow down your website.

We use the following to ensure that Sleeknote does not add extra load time to your website:

Async loading

Asynchronous loading can be described as code, that is scheduled to run in the future.

Sleeknote uses async loading, which means that the script loads after the page are loaded. It loads passively and does not block any content from your website. 

Async loading does not slow down your website. When loading scripts asynchronously, the website actually renders more quickly


A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a network of servers from multiple data centers all around the world.

When using a CDN, a cached version of the website's content is stored in multiple geographical locations around the world to make page speed faster. If the visitor has already visited the website, a cached version of the script can be stored. 

The cached version will be loaded next time the same user visits the website and it will load faster.

Sleeknote uses CDN to make sure the script loads fast no matter where the user is located.

This means, if you're in the US, content from a US server will be loaded and if you're in Europe, content from a European server will be loaded. 

Minified CSS

Most CSS files have spacing, indentation, newlines and comments in it.

A minified version of the CSS file removes spacing, indentation, newlines and comments from the CSS file. Even though this is not something the visitor sees in the browser, it can add extra load time.

Sleeknote uses a minified version of the CSS file, to ensure faster load time.

What can you do?

In general, we recommend using compressed images in a SleekBox.

You can use a tool like TinyPNG to compress your images.

We also recommend using images that have a maximum size of 250 kb and preferably smaller.

Not using more than 1 image in a SleekBox is a good way to make sure SleekBox loads faster

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