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Time limited activation

Have you ever forgotten to activate (or deactivate) your campaign at the right time? Fear no more!

With the introduction of time-based activation you now have the option to either activate your campaign at a specific time or choose to activate it only for a set amount of time. Whether it's a new or existing campaign.

The first thing you have to do is to identify the campaign you would like to time activate:

1 (1)

Next, go to the 'Settings' step and scroll towards the bottom until you reach 'Schedule activation':

1 (2)

Select 'Add schedule':

2 (1)

Choose either fixed period or repeating period (if you have recurring promotions for example)

Then select time and date and click 'Add schedule'.

3 (1)

After selecting the wished time period just finish with 'Save campaign'. Checking under 'My campaigns' the selected time should now be displayed under the campaign.

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