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Trigger SleekBox on every page load

Do you want a sleeknote to trigger every time a page is loaded?

Normally, a SleekBox is shown once per session. This ensures a non-intrusive experience for your users and customers.

It can be annoying to see the same popup every time a user refreshes a webpage.

In some cases, though, it makes sense to have it trigger every time. For example if you are running a contest or use SleekBox as a contact form you might want the user to see it everytime.

Before we move on, make sure you have Google Tag Manager implemented on your website.

Here's the guide:

  1. When editing a SleekBox, go to 'Settings' and click 'Change rule'.

2. Select 'Add another trigger' and then 'Manual trigger'.


3. Copy the ID of the SleekBox as seen below and 'Enable trigger'. Save when you're done.


4. Next up, go to Google Tag Manager and create a new tag.


5. Select 'Choose a tag type to begin setup' and then 'Custom HTML'.


6. Copy this script and replace 'SLEEKNOTE ID HERE' with your own SleekBox ID:


jQuery(document).ready(function() {

setTimeout(function(){SleekNote.triggerOnclick(‘SLEEKNOTE ID HERE’);}, 3000);




7. Scroll down and click on 'Choose a trigger'.

8. Select your desired trigger type. You can for example choose 'Page view'.


9. Then select what page(s) the script should trigger on.

Here's an example:


10. Finally, save your tag and remember to click 'Publish'.