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Use 'onclick' event to open a campaign

If you want your campaign to pop up when clicking on a button, a link or pretty much anything you can run this javascript:


Notice that 6265aea9-8935-4aaf-8ab0-755834ff3dc0 is the ID of the campaign.

You can find the ID on the ‘My campaigns’ page when you click on options.


Here is an awesome example on how it will look in your HTML:

<aclass="et_pb_promo_button" onclick="SleekNote.triggerOnclick('6265aea9-8935-4aaf-8ab0-755834ff3dc0')">DOWNLOAD AWESOMENESS FOR FREE - HERE</a>


When your visitors push the button the SleekBox will pop up.

This is an alternative way to use SleekBoxes and generate more quality leads!