If you want your sleeknote to be either included or or excluded from a specific page(s) this can be done under settings in the editor.

Basically, there are two options. You can either choose for your sleeknote to be displayed on every page and type in the URLs, you want to exclude OR choose Specific pages and type in the URLs, which you want to include.

Do note, that it isn't possible to choose both options. This wouldn't really make sense either.

For both options goes that you type in the URL you want to include/exclude. If you want to include/exclude a certain category, you can type in the URL of this category followed by a star (*). This way all subpages with the specific URL + extra information will be included/excluded.

Remember, if you want the sleeknote to be included on a specific category + subpages of this category, you need to type in the URL of the category page and once again with a star (*).

When adding a star (*), the sleeknote will only be included on pages with something after the given URL. If you want it to be included on the category page itself, this URL should be included separately.

The same goes for sleeknotes, you want to exclude, by the way.

(see example below)

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