Active Campaign

In order to integrate with Active Campaign just follow these few simple steps.

1. Log-in to your Active Campaign account

2. Press your username in the top right corner and select 'My Settings' in the drop down menu

3. Select 'Developer' in the left-hand menu

4. Find 'API Access' and copy the API URL and the API key

5. Go to the SleekBox for which you would like to set up the integration and go to the settings step

6. Select 'Setup integration' and choose Active Campaign among the integration choices.

7. Type in the API URL and the API key and press 'Load integration'

8. Select which Active Campaign list your sign ups should be sent to and press 'Continue to mapping'

9. Finish by mapping your campaign input fields to the correct fields in Active Campaign and saving the integration.

You are now all set to increase your Active Campaign list through Sleeknote!