All integrations will be established from the last step in our editor on each Sleeknote. In order to create an integration with Heyloyalty you'll need your Heloyalty API key and Heyloyalty secret API key.

Proceed with the following steps:

  • 1. Login to your Heyloyalty account
  • 2. Press 'Indstillinger' in the menu on your Heyloyalty dashboard and select 'Kontooplysninger'
  • 3. Copy the 'API Nøgle" and "secret API"
  • 4. Select Heyloyalty from the list of integrations in your Sleeknote, enter the API key and secret API key, and press 'Load lists'
  • 5. Choose which list your Sleeknote sign ups should be placed in
  • 6. Finally map the fields in your Sleeknote to the proper fields from Heyloytaly

After this you should be set to go!

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