Adding a goal to your Sleeknote gives you the ability to see the conversion rate for the goal and the Sleeknote.


For example, it could be useful to track the success page of a shop checkout flow. This will give the ability to see how many of the visitors that see or engage with the Sleeknote (during the visit), who also converts into a customer in the shop.


Just gonna step you through how you set up the above example.

  1. Go to the last step ‘Settings’ in the Sleeknote you want to add a goal to and scrool down to ‘Setup goal tracking’

2. Press check on ‘Track a goal with the Sleeknote’ and then ‘Create new goal’

In this case, I have already created a goal. You can do it by clicking on 'Goal' in the left side navigation in the Dashboard.

You can also create a new goal from this screen

3. Type in a name for the goal and the URL for which the goal is succeeded. In the above example, the name could be ‘Purchase’ and the URL could be Press save.

4. After you have selected an existing goal or created a new one, click on 'Back to settings'.

5. Click on 'Save sleeknote'.

 6. Now you can keep track of the conversion rate for the goal in ‘My Sleeknotes’ under the specific Sleeknote.  

You can keep track of visitors who have seen the Sleeknote and succeeded the goal and also who has signed up and succeeded the goal.

If you press ‘Show more’ you can see the top 10 referrer websites or types.

Note: that when you create a goal, it will start tracking for all Sleeknotes, adding it to the Sleeknote will give you the ability to see the analytics of the goal for the specific Sleeknote

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