Leads are the signups you get through your SleekBoxes.

Total leads are the leads you generate through your SleekBox(es).

If you want to see leads for a specific SleekBox, you simply choose your desired SleekBox in the main dashboard under:

  1. Select SleekBox

2. Select stats and choose “leads”

How do i find my leads?

First of all we recommend to create a direct integration to your mailservice. But don't worry if you haven't made an integration yet. We save all your leads in a CSV-file automatically, which contains all the info about your leads. This makes it possible to import the leads manually until you have set up an integration with your mail system. You find the CSV-file right here:

  1. Go to “My sleeknotes”
  2. Click on the little icon/settings
  3. Download subscribers as CSV
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