Using newsletter, contact, promote

After typing in the domain of your website, you will be presented with four types of campaigns. These are newsletter, social, contact and blank. Of these, newsletter is most commonly used.

You can choose to design your campaigns from the bottom by yourself or choose one of our many predesigned templates.

1. Newsletter


The name itself pretty much explains it. When choosing this type, you can design a campaign that is supposed to get sign-ups from your visitors. You can add/delete input fields as you want, but the field with Enter email is preset and necessary in order for you to collect email addresses. We recommend having just one or two input fields on your campaign. Statistics have shown that campaigns with more than two input fields perform worse than campaigns with the recommended amount. Some people add an input field with first name in order to collect their visitors names and make the newsletter more personal, but if you don't really use the name for a specific matter, we recommend that you leave it out.

The great thing about the newsletter campaign is that you can integrate it with basically every mailing software. All information filled in by a visitor will go straight to the chosen list in your mailing software. Under settings you will find the option of mail integration. Just choose the one you use from our preset list and type in the required information. Your mailing software is not on the list? Don't worry, simply choose Custom Integration and type in the information required.

If at any point you need help, don't hesitate to contact our customer success team.

If you, for some reason, don't want to make an integration, you can download the CSV file with all of the information on your visitor. Just go to My campaigns, click on Options and Download CSV. This file is available at all time, whether you choose to integrate or not. So, IF something was to go wrong with the integration, your sign-ups can always be found in the CSV.

2. Contact


The contact campaign is a way for your visitors to leave information in order for you to contact them. This is excellent for request, feedback or other ways for your visitors to be in touch with you.

Again, consider what information you need on the visitors and try to limit yourself in the amount of input fields used. Your campaigns will perform better, the lesser input fields you have. As always the golden advice: Less is more.

3. Promote


Ever wanted to be a designer? Now is your chance!

A promote campaign is kinda like a empty canvas. It allows you to be creative and freestyle your ideas. You can put whatever you want in here. However, it is not possible to add input fields, radio buttons etc.

Use it for campaigns, information about discounts or other informative situations.

Do note, that the newsletter type of campaign is the only campaign that allows integration with mailing software.