If your SleekBoxes are not being shown on your website please check out these steps. If they are still not showing on your website please contact us.

1. Did I activate my SleekBox?

Check under “My Sleeknotes” to check whether you activated your SleekBox(es) or not.

2. Make sure your tracking code is installed on your website

  • Look for the header tags (<head> and </head>) in your HTML.
  • Paste the Sleeknote script in between the header tags – either right after the <head> tag or before the </head> tag
  • Save and publish your changes.
  • Refresh your website and your SleekBox should be visible

If you cannot access your header, you can also implement it directly in your footer tag. If you are using a website management service (CMS) like Magento or WordPress, you can check out our guides under integrations

3. URL settings

In the first step of creating a SleekBox we will ask for an website URL. This URL has to be your hostname (main domain or sub domain).
If you only want your SleekBox shown on specific subpages, you can define this in the settings step of the creation. Here is an example:

  1. In the first step I enter “www.sleeknote.com”

2. Now how do i define which box is shown on which side?
We entered “www.sleeknote.com” as the hostname but now we have to define where to show each box.
– Go to 'Settings'

Click on 'Change rule'

Click on 'Add another condition'.

Then 'Specific URL'.

Now type your desired URL. Adding a ' * ' to the URL means it will show on all subpages as well, for example: sleeknote.com/blog/article1

4. I did see my SleekBox(es) a couple of times – but now I do not see them anymore?

1. The form will automatically appear after 7 seconds (you can define the number of seconds yourself)

2. If your visitor closes the form, it will be in the bottom of the site, and the form will not appear again during the same visit.

3. The form will appear again after 7 seconds next time your visitor visits your website (you can define the number of seconds yourself)

4. If a visitor has closed the form 4 times, it will never be shown again (you can define the number yourself)

5. If a visitor signs up, the SleekBox will never be shown again

Try one or more of the following to see your SleekBox again:

1. Delete all cookies

2. Privat browser mode (no cookie settings are saved)

3. Try another browser

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