Automated Triggering

Automated triggering, formerly known as Smart Triggers, is our signature algorithm that constantly tests different triggers for your campaigns to find out which one works best on your site.

The goal with automated triggering is to ensure that your campaign always has the highest-converting trigger. So, when Trigger B starts outperforming Trigger A, our system automatically updates your campaign settings with Trigger B.

🤓 Hint: Automated triggering optimizes your campaigns based on how your visitors interact with them. So the longer you keep automated triggering on, the more data it collects.

You can enable automated triggering with one click.

After designing your campaign, move to the Display Settings in your Campaign Builder, and switch Automated Triggering on.

Use the same button to disable Automated Triggering, and choose a different trigger for your campaign.

🚨 Note: You can’t run an A/B split test with campaigns that have automated triggering on.

Need more information? Check out this page: