Impression Limit

If you run multiple campaigns on your site but don't want to hurt the user experience with too many messages, Impression Limit is ideal for you.

With this option, you can set an overall limit to how many times your campaigns will show in one session.

In other words, when a visitor sees X number of campaigns, they reach the total impression limit, and, therefore, won't see any other campaigns on your site during that session.

An impression is related to the Form step of your campaign. Therefore, when a visitor only sees your teaser, that doesn't count as an impression.

Here's how you set a total impression limit on your site:

1. Go to the Dashboard and visit your "Account" tab.

2. Scroll down to the bottom and find the section called "Impression Limit"


3. Use the dropdown menu to select the domain you want to set a limit for (if you have multiple domains.)

4. Enter a number and click "Submit" to set a limit for how many times a visitor should see your campaigns in total (in one session)

Screenshot 2020-01-21 at 13.14.05

And you're done.

💡 If you want to set a limit for all your domains, choose the "Default Impression Limitations" option in the dropdown menu, instead.

If you use both the default impression limit and a domain-specific limit, the specific limit will win.

How to Set up a Campaign That Ignores the Impression Limit

If you want to make an exception for a particular campaign, you can set it to ignore all your impression limits.

For this, go to the "Settings" step of that campaign and click "Advanced Options":

Check the box next to to the option "Ignore Impression Limit":

Save your campaign as usual, and you're all set!