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Impression Limit

What is Impression Limit?

An impression happens when a visitor sees the form step of your campaigns. This may happen when a visitor clicks the teaser or when the campaign is triggered by the criteria you set (such as “Show after 7 seconds.”)

In other words, viewing the teaser doesn’t count as an impression.

With our impression limit feature, you can limit the number of campaign impressions a visitor will have in one session.

For example, if you set the impression limit to three, a visitor won’t see any other campaigns after they reach three impressions in that session.

Note: If a visitor opens the same Sleeknote campaign multiple times, they’ll count as multiple impressions.

If you’re running multiple campaigns across your website, it’s ideal to ensure that you don’t overwhelm visitors with too many messages.

How to Set up Impression Limit

Visit your Profile page and scroll down to the bottom.

You can set an impression limit either on domain level or for your entire account.

To set an overall limit, select “Default Impression Limitations” from the dropdown menu, write a number, and click “Submit.”

Alternatively, you can select individual domains and set limits.

Note: If you are using both the Default impression Limit and specific domain limit, the specific domain limit will win.

If you have important campaigns that you must show no matter what, you can set them to ignore your impression limit.

Here’s how.

How to Exclude a Campaign from Your Impression Limit

To exclude a campaign from the limit, visit the Final Setup step of the campaign builder.

Turn the “Ignore Impression Limit” option on and save your campaign.