A/B Split Testing

What is A/B Split Testing?

A/B Split Testing helps you run two campaigns against each other within a specific period to discover which one performs better for your site.

By split testing your campaigns, you can compare different campaign elements and targeting options, and constantly improve your campaigns for higher conversions.

How to Set Up a Split Test

First things first. You need two campaigns to run a split test, and the easiest way to create them is to build a “Version A” and duplicate that campaign.

Next, you can update the duplicate campaign, add or change your test elements, and save it as “Version B.” This way, you’ll ensure that the two campaigns are identical in terms of the audience they’re targeting and all other elements—except for the ones you’re testing.

Here’s how you can easily set up a split test:

1. Go to your Sleeknote Dashboard and visit the “A/B Split Testing” tab.

2. Click “Create Split Test,” give your test a name, and choose the two campaigns you want to run against each other.

3. Click “Save and Activate Split Test” to start the test. (This will activate both of your campaigns.)

Now, 50% of your visitors will see Version A, while we show Version B to the other half.

💡 Note: You don’t necessarily need to activate your campaigns before running a split test. Once you start the split test, your campaigns will automatically be activated. 🤓

Once your campaigns start collecting data, you can follow their performance on the same page, and get detailed insights.

Note: Since Automated Triggering switches between different triggers to find the best time to show your campaign, you can’t run a split test with campaigns that have this trigger on.

What Should I Test?

The short answer: It depends on your target audience and conversion goals.

But here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Headlines
  • Call-to-Action Buttons
  • Form Design and Colors
  • Emojis in Teaser
  • Campaign Position
  • Triggers

Need more inspiration? Check out these resources: