Can I show my campaign on every page load?

To ensure better user experience for your visitors, your campaigns will only be triggered once per session.

When a visitor sees your campaign, they won’t be shown the same campaign during the same session (unless they click the teaser.)

But if you need to show your campaign every time a visitor loads a page, you can set this up using Google Tag Manager and our Manual Trigger.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Triggers step of your Campaign Builder and enable “Manual Trigger”.

2. Copy the campaign ID between single quotes (‘) and save your campaign.

3. Click “New Tag” in Google Tag Manager.

4. Choose the tag type “Custom HTML”.

5. Copy the script below and paste it into the Custom HTML field.

jQuery(document).ready(function() {

setTimeout(function(){SleekNote.triggerOnclick(‘SLEEKNOTE ID HERE’);}, 3000);



6. Replace SLEEKNOTE ID HERE with the campaign ID you copied earlier.

7. Scroll down to “Triggering” and choose a trigger to fire your tag. In our case, it can be “Page View”.

8. Next, select the page(s) your script should trigger on.

9. Finally, save your tag and publish your changes.

Now your campaign will be triggered every time the visitor loads the page(s) you specified. 🎉