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Advent Calendar

With our gamification feature, Advent Calendar, you can give your visitors the option to sign up to get your special daily offer. 

Advent calendar is especially relevant during holiday seasons, such as Christmas or Black Friday/Week.

To get started, select the “Collect Email Addresses” campaign type, and then the “Gamification” template “Black Friday Week: Dark”:

Hint: You can customize the template and use it for other events than Black Friday. 😉

Click “Continue” and choose the position you wish and move to the Design step. To set up the daily offers, click “Edit Offers” from the right-hand menu:

First, you need to decide on the campaign period:

  • Black Friday Week (5 days/offers)
  • Black Friday Week (11 days/offers)
  • Christmas (24 days/offers) 
  • Christmas (25 days/offers)
  • Sundays of Advent (4 Sundays/offers)

Remember to click “Confirm” after you’ve selected a period. 

Now, fill in the rest of the settings. The settings box allows you to customize the following on the Success Step that will show when your visitor submits their email address:

Title: The title that describes your offer that shows when you sign up. This will show where the merge tag: {{multiMerge:title}} can be seen in the campaign’s Success Step.

Image: Upload an image that fits with your offer that shows when a visitor signs up.

Discount Code: Insert a discount code for your visitors to claim the offer. This will show where the merge tag: {{multiMerge:discountcode}} can be seen in the campaign’s Success Step.

Tease Text: Insert text that either promotes today’s offer or teases the offer you have the next day. Make sure the merge tag: {{multiMerge:tease}} is added on the correct step (either form or the Success Step).

Remember to save your settings. 

You can easily insert the different merge tags from the text editor if you want them to show somewhere else:

Once you have filled in all the fields for an offer (both title, image, discount code, and teaser text), you can take a look at how the design turned out for each day by previewing the campaign: 

In the preview you can switch between the different offers by selecting its date in the dropdown here and then reloading the campaign: 

Note: {{multiMerge:order}} is the merge tag that will automatically show the number of today’s offer. (For example, between 1-5 for Black Friday campaigns, 1-24 for Christmas campaigns.)