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Campaign Order

What is Campaign Order?

If you have multiple campaigns on the same page and in the same position, the campaign order (a.k.a. campaign index) determines which campaign should be prioritized over others.

Campaigns with a higher numerical value will be shown first—until the visitor clicks the CTA button or fulfills the campaign’s conditions (such as “Hide after 5 times.”)

In other words, the second campaign will start showing only after the first campaign stops showing.

Campaign order is especially useful if one of your messages is more important than others. (For example, if you want visitors to see your newsletter campaign before a service announcement.)

Note: If there’s no campaign order defined, the oldest campaign will always show first.

Note: If a campaign has the exit-intent trigger, the campaign order will be ignored and your campaign will be triggered when a visitor is about to leave the page.

How to Set up Campaign Order

To set up a campaign order for your campaigns, visit the Final Setup step of the campaign builder.

Switch the option on and simply type a number.

Save your campaign and that’s it.

Now, a campaign with a campaign order of 100, for example, will be prioritized over another campaign with an order of 50 on the same page.

Pro Tip: Use numbers far from each other in your campaign order, so you can easily change them or add new ones in the future. 🤓