How can I change teaser position?

A teaser is a miniature version of your campaign that can be shown before or after visitors see your campaign.

You can decide where you want to display the teaser on your website. However, the position you select for your teaser will always be the same position for your campaign. 

Changing teaser position on desktop

A desktop teaser can have three positions:

  • Bottom right;
  • Bottom center; or
  • Bottom left. 

If you want to change your desktop teaser's position, click "General" and visit the "Choose a Position" step.

Popup (Center)

Positioning your teaser at the center of your website also means that your campaign will pop up in the middle of the screen. This position is effective if you want to catch your visitors' attention when they enter or leave your website.

Slide-In (Left or Right)

If you choose the slide-in position, your teaser will be placed in the left or right side corner of your site and your campaign will pop up from the bottom with a small slide-in animation. 

Distance from Edge

By default, the teaser is placed 10 pixels from the edge of the screen. If you want to add extra space around it, you can adjust the distance from the edge by clicking the "Teaser" tab and entering the number of pixels you want to have around the teaser. 

Changing teaser position on mobile

On mobile devices, you can place your teaser in the top or bottom left/right corners. 

To change your mobile teaser's position, switch to the "Mobile" version of your campaign and visit the "Teaser" tab. Here, you'll find the option to change your teaser's position.

By using the Position dropdown, you can decide whether you want to display your teaser at the top or bottom of your website.

The "Attach to" option defines in which corner you want your teaser to be attached.

Delay Teaser

On mobile devices, you have the option to add a delay on your teaser if you don't immediately want to direct visitors' attention to your campaign. Here you simply type in the number of seconds you want to delay your teaser.

Distance from Edge

Similar to desktop, you can add more space around your teaser on mobile. You can adjust the distance from the edge by entering the number of pixels you want to have around the mobile teaser.