Click Trigger

Click trigger shows your campaign when a visitor clicks an element with a specific CSS class or HTML ID on your site.

A typical use case for the click trigger is buttons. For example, you can display size guides or delivery information popups on all product pages that only show when a visitor clicks a button to find out more.

To set up a click trigger, first, find the ID or class of the website element you want to trigger your campaign on. Here’s an example of a class:

… and an ID:

Now, go to the Display Settings step in your Campaign Builder and turn the click trigger on:

Copy the ID or class of your website element, and paste it into the corresponding field:

Use the same menu to easily edit or remove any ID or class you added.

By default, your campaign will be triggered every time a visitor clicks on the element you specified. If you want to change this rule and show your campaign only once per session, check the box called “Preserve Conditions”:

Click Trigger for Mobile Devices

As long as your mobile site has the same code structure as your desktop, the click trigger will work the same way on mobile devices as the desktop version.