How do I create a segment in Klaviyo?

You can create a dynamic segment of your email list in Klaviyo for your Sleeknote subscribers and trigger email flows to this specific segment. 

  1. Log into your Klaviyo account, and click “Lists & Segments” in the left menu:

2. Click “Create List/Segment”:

3. Select “Segment”:

4. Name your segment. In this case, we’ll name our segment
Sleeknote subscribers:

5. Choose what will define your segment. In this case, we’ll create a segment for signups that come from Sleeknote. So, we choose “Properties about someone”, then select the property field “Signup Source”. (Read how to create a custom field like this.) Choose “Equals” and then enter the value. In this example, the value is Sleeknote. Save your segment:

Now, your segment is ready and will automatically update with any profiles that match the conditions you set for your segment.