To integrate your campaign with Agillic you need to locate your “Developer Key” and “Agillic Secret” in your Agillic account.

1. Click the "API" option under "Integrations" on the left-hand menu. You'll find your "Developer Key" and "Secret" under “Agillic API credentials”.

2. Next, go to the Integrations step of your campaign builder, select Agillic from the list of available email service providers, and click “Continue”.

3. Copy your “Developer Key” and “Secret” from Agillic and paste them here and click continue.

4. In the mapping step, choose the Agillic fields you want to send your data to.

5. Once you map all of the campaign fields to Agillic fields, you can save the integration.

If you want to pass along hidden custom data, such as the leads' IP addresses or their signup page, you can send these additional data to Agillic.

To do that, enable the “Want to send custom data?” option and type the text you wish to send as a custom field. Then, choose what Agillic field it should connect with:

You can also pass along the visitor’s IP address and the page where the signup happened by enabling the “Want to map additional data fields?” option and mapping the fields to your Agillic fields:

Now, your new email leads will automatically be sent to Agillic. 🎉

💭  Note: Agillic is compatible with Multistep campaigns.