With our powerful Drip integration, you can collect email addresses through a Sleeknote campaign and pass the subscriber data to Drip.

How does the Drip integration work?

When you collect emails via Sleeknote, we send your new leads automatically to Drip's People section. This gives you complete freedom for how you retarget and segment your email subscribers in Drip.

We also send a submission event to Drip’s API endpoint, so you can set up workflows and automations specifically for your subscribers coming from Sleeknote. Plus, you can detect which Sleeknote campaign your subscribers came from, and whether or not your campaigns are currently active.

Key features

  • Tags. While setting up a Drip integration, you can assign your existing tags to subscribers or create new tags.
  • Custom fields. When mapping your Sleeknote fields to your Drip account, you can use your existing Drip fields or create new custom fields.
  • Consent. You can map your Sleeknote checkboxes directly to Drip’s “EU consent” option. 
  • Custom values. Send more subscriber data to Drip with custom values, such as their IP address and their signup page.
  • Double opt-in. Increase the quality of your subscribers by automatically sending a signup confirmation email in Drip.
  • Segmentation options. Filter and segment Sleeknote form submissions in Drip's segmentation builder.

  • Automation triggers. Trigger an automation in Drip based on a Sleeknote campaign submission.

How to set up your Drip integration

To integrate Drip with your Sleeknote campaign, first, you need to locate your Drip API token.

1. Log in to your Drip account.

2. Click “Settings” in the lower left corner and choose “User settings” in the menu.

3. Scroll down to find your API Token and copy it.

4.  Go to the Integrations step of your Sleeknote Campaign Builder, select Drip from the list of available email service providers, and click “Continue”.

5. Paste the API token you copied earlier into the first field. 

6. Go back to Drip, click “Settings”, and choose “Account”. Here, scroll down to Account ID and copy it. Note: Account ID is only required if you are using a Drip instance with multiple accounts associated.

7. Go back to Sleeknote and paste in the Account ID. Click authenticate and continue. 

8. Map your campaign’s input fields to your Drip fields to make sure that the data we send is handled correctly in Drip.

Make sure to map each field by choosing a Drip field in the dropdown or create a new field by simply typing it.


How to use additional options

You can give new subscribers one of your existing Drip tags by selecting it in the dropdown or give them a new one by typing it in the field.

You can send custom data to enrich your subscribers with values you define yourself, map their IP address to Drip, or pass along their signup page.

⏰ Coming Soon: Our Drip integration will soon support SMS opt-in.