To integrate Heyloyalty with your Sleeknote account, first, you need to locate your Heyloyalty API key and secret API.

Get Your Heyloyalty API Key

  1. Log in to your Heyloyalty account.
  2. Click the person-and-cog icon in the top menu and go to “Kontooplysninger”.

3. Scroll down and copy your “API nøgle” and “API secret”.

Insert Your Heyloyalty API Key

  1. Go to the Integrations step of your Campaign Builder, select Heyloyalty from the list of available email service providers, and click “Continue”.

2. Paste the API key and API secret you copied earlier and click “Submit”.

3. Choose a Heyloyalty list to send your new email signups, and click “Continue”.

4. Map your campaign’s input fields to your Heyloyalty fields to make sure that the data we send is handled correctly in Heyloyalty.

5. Finally, use the additional options to send custom data to Heyloyalty and map additional data fields.

6. Click “Save Integration” and activate your campaign.

Now, your new email leads will automatically be added to the Heyloyalty list you specified. 🎉

💭  Note: Heyloyalty is compatible with Multistep campaigns.