1. Log in to your HubSpot account on

2. Press your profile picture in the top right corner and select "Integrations" from the dropdown


3. In the tab "Your integrations", select the menu point called your "HubSpot API key"

4. Now press either "Create key" (if you've never created your HubSpot API key) or "View key" (if you've already created a HubSpot API key) and copy the key that shows

image (1)

5. Go to your Sleeknote account and edit or create the campaign you would like to integrate with HubSpot

6. Go to the "Settings" step and select "Setup integration"

image (2)

7. Select HubSpot from the list of integrations

8. Paste in the API key you copied from HubSpot and press "Load integration"

9. Select the lead flow or form from HubSpot you would like to integrate with and press "Continue to mapping"

10. Make sure the input fields from your campaign is mapped to the correct fields in HubSpot and then save the integration


Note: HubSpot is compatible with Multistep Campaigns.