If you wish to integrate your Peytz Mail account with your campaigns, this is easily accomplished by following a few simple steps.

1. Find the campaign you wish to integrate with and choose 'Edit campaign'

2. Go to the step 5, called 'Settings' and scroll to the bottom, to the setting called 'Integrate with mailing list software' and select Peytz

3. Enter your API user e-mail (the mail you use for log in on your Peytz Mail), your Peytz username and your Peytz user token. These things are all listed under your user profile on your Peytz account.

4. Next, you will have to select on or more lists that you would like your subscribers to be added to.

5. Finally, map the fields in your campaign with the fields found on your Peytz list and finish with 'Save campaign and exit'.