To integrate Zapier with your Sleeknote account, first, you need a Webhook URL.

Get Your Webhook URL

  1. Log in to your Zapier account.
  2. Click “Make a Zap”.

3. Select “Webhook" on the right.

4. Choose the trigger event “Catch Hook” and click “Continue”.

5. Now, copy your Custom Webhook URL.

Insert Your Webhook URL

  1. Go to the Integrations step of your Campaign Builder, select Zapier from the list of available integrations, and click “Continue”.

2. Paste the Webhook URL you copied earlier and click “Submit”.

3. Map your campaign’s input fields to your Zapier fields to make sure that the data we send is handled correctly in Zapier.

4. Finally, use the additional options to send custom data to Zapier.

To make sure that your integration is working properly, you can send a test zap:

5. Click “Save Integration” and activate your campaign.

6. Go back to Zapier and choose an action for your Zap.

Now, your new email leads will automatically be sent to the action you selected through Zapier. 🎉