How can I include/exclude a campaign from a specific page(s)?

If you want your campaign to be either included or or excluded from a specific page(s), you can do so on the settings page in the editor.

Selecting "Show on" will ensure that the campaign is only shown on the pages you type here. Selecting "Hide on" will ensure that the campaign is hidden only on those pages of your website that you've defined.

Remember, if you want the campaign to be included on a specific category + subpages of this category, you need to type in the URL of the category page and once again with a star (*).

When adding a star (*), the campaign will only be included on pages with something after the given URL. If you want it to be included on the category page itself, this URL should be included separately.

The same goes for campaigns, you want to hide, by the way.

(see example below)