Newsletter Subscriber

Newsletter subscriber condition allows you to show or hide specific campaigns from your existing subscribers.

It’s useful for hiding your newsletter campaigns from people who’re already on your email list, and rewarding your subscribers with a discount code that’s only visible to them.

👨‍🍳 Need inspiration for how to use this condition in your campaigns? Check out this step-by-step recipe.

For this condition to work, we need to be able to identify your subscribers. We do this in two ways:

  1. When someone signs up through one of your Sleeknote campaigns, we place a cookie in their browser so we can recognize them as a subscriber.
  2. To identify the rest of your email list as subscribers, you simply add ?SNSubscribed=true after the URLs you send in your emails. So when someone clicks one of your email links, we know that they’re a subscriber.

For example, in your next newsletter, copy the query string above and paste it at the end of your link, like this:

To use the newsletter subscriber condition in a campaign, go to the Display Settings step in your Campaign Builder.

Switch the “Newsletter Subscriber” option on and specify whether you want to show or hide your campaign from existing subscribers.

If you want to use your own URL identifier instead of ?SNSubscribed=true, you can add it here and click “Save changes.”

Remember to add this new identifier to the end of your newsletter links, and you’ll be all set. 🤓

😉 Pro Tip: If you’re using a native signup form on your site, you can place a custom cookie called “SNSubscribed” in your form to give everyone who signs up through that form a value of “1.” This mimics the scenario of someone signing up through one of your campaigns.