Sequence helps you show or hide your campaigns based on the specific path of URLs a visitor followed during their visit on your site.

With this condition, you can, for example, show a specific campaign to visitors who, first, visited a product page, followed by your Delivery and Returns page, and then a product page again. (You can remind that you’re offering free returns, for example, to clear their doubts. 😉)

To use the sequence condition in your campaign, go to the Display Settings step in your Campaign Builder.

Switch the “Sequence” option on and add your URLs in order.

Use the pencil icon to edit your URLs and click (x) to remove a URL from the sequence.

🤓  Hint: Add an asterisk (*) after the URL to include all subpages of a specific URL.

🚨  Important: For this condition to work, a visitor needs to follow the exact path or URLs you specified here in this precise order.