Show Count

The show count condition determines the maximum number of times a visitor will see your campaign.

When a visitor reaches the number you set, we won’t show your campaign to them anymore.

🤔 Note: This condition is based on the cookies stored in your visitors’ browsers. Therefore, if a visitor deletes their cookies, the show count will reset for them.

With this condition, you can avoid overwhelming your visitors by showing the same message over and over again.

To set up a show count for your campaign, go to the Display Settings step in your Campaign Builder.

Switch the “Show Count” option on and type the maximum number of times a visitor should see your campaign.

Now your campaign won’t show after a visitor has seen it three times.

😉 Pro Tip: Show count condition sets a limit to individual campaigns. If you want to set an overall limit that applies to all your campaigns shown in one session, check out Impression Limit.