URL Matches

URL Matches, (formerly known as Specific URL) is one of our two page-level targeting options.

By default, your campaigns will show on all the pages of your website. With this option, you can set your campaigns to show or hide on the exact webpages you specify.

For example, if you want your campaign to show only in the final step of your checkout, URL matches is the perfect option for that.

To set up this condition, go to the Display Settings step in your Campaign Builder, and choose the “Target Specific Subpages” option:

Include or exclude your campaign by using show and hide options in the menu on the pages you specify:

If you want to target all subpages of a specific URL, simply add an asterisk (*) after the URL.

Example: https://mystore.com/category/*

⏰ Reminder: For this condition to work, you need to type the exact URL of your pages.