Show After Trigger

Show after, formerly known as Timed Trigger, allows you to show your campaign after a visitor spends X seconds on your site.

It’s ideal for giving your visitors some time to look around your site before showing them your message and, thus, ensuring a great user experience.

Like all other triggers, the “show after” rule applies to your campaign, and not to your teaser. This means that when a visitor lands on your site, they’ll first see your teaser, and after X seconds, your campaign will be triggered.

⚠️ Important: Triggers apply once per session. When a visitor sees your campaign after X seconds and closes it, your campaign won’t pop up again in the same session (unless the visitor clicks the teaser.)

To set up a Show After trigger for your campaign, go to the Display Settings step in your Campaign Builder, switch Show After trigger on, and enter the number of seconds you want to show your campaign after.

Use the same button to disable Show After, and choose a different trigger for your campaign.

Show After for Mobile Devices

If you want to use the Show After trigger on mobile devices, you need to disable your campaign’s mobile teaser.

Be aware that by disabling the mobile teaser, you might risk violating Google’s interstitials policy.

To disable your mobile teaser, select the checkbox “Disable Teaser” in the editor:

Now your trigger will apply to mobile devices and your mobile campaign will show immediately after a visitor spends X seconds on your site.