What is a Trigger?

A trigger is a rule that decides when your campaign should show to your visitors. So, when a visitor completes the action you set as a rule, your campaign will be triggered.

At Sleeknote, we put user experience first. That’s why, we, first, show your visitors a teaser before triggering your actual campaign.

If your campaign doesn’t have any triggers, it will only show when a visitor clicks the teaser.

Triggers only apply to the campaign, and not to the teaser. For example, if you set a trigger to show after 5 seconds, your teaser will show as soon as the page loads. However, your campaign will show after 5 seconds.

You can easily set up triggers for your campaign in the Display Settings step of the Campaign Builder.

🚨 Note: Triggers don’t apply to SleekBars. So, your SleekBar will show immediately after the page loads.

We offer several different triggers you can choose from, based on the content of the page and nature of your campaigns. (If you’re not sure which one is the best for your campaign, Automated Triggering comes to the rescue. 😉)