Goal Tracking

What is Goal Tracking?

Goal tracking allows you to measure the impact of your campaigns on your conversion goals.

For example, with this option, you can track how many visitors end up on your checkout success page after seeing your campaigns. This way, you can measure your campaigns’ influence on your visitors’ buying decisions.

If the goal you want to track isn’t connected to visiting a certain page, you can also track a goal conversion by triggering a Javascript event.

Goals are set on domain-level. When you set up a goal for your domain, you can use it to track all your campaigns.

How to Set Up a Goal

  1. To set up a goal for your domain, log in to your Sleeknote account and click the “Goals” tab on the left sidebar menu.

2. Click “Create New Goal,” give your goal a name, and choose the domain you want to track in the dropdown, and click “Next”.

If you, for instance, want to track how many visitors place an order after seeing your campaigns in the same session, add your checkout success page as your target URL.

🚨 Note: When a visitor lands on a URL that contains your goal URL, we count it as a conversion. For example, a visit to “sleeknote.com/checkout/2647” would also count as a conversion for the goal above.

If your goal doesn’t have a separate target page (such as a unique checkout success URL,) or if you want to track an action other than a page visit (such as an “add to cart” event,) you can fire the Javascript event called trackGoal.

To track a goal with Javascript, simply leave the URL field blank. Then, copy the Javascript trackGoal event in this box:

Make sure that this event is fired on your website when your goal action (for example, “add to cart”) is completed by your visitors. (Hint: You can do this through Google Tag Manager.)

Finally, remember to save your goal. 🤓

🚨 Note: Goals are attached to domains. If your checkout works on a subdomain, such as “checkout.mysite.com,” make sure to add that as your goal domain.

How to See Your Goal Statistics

To get an overview of how your campaigns are influencing your goals, you can check out the quick statistics on your Goals page.

If you want to see how specific campaigns are impacting a certain goal, you can look this up on your Analytics page.

Select the campaign(s) you’re interested in, set a date range, and choose the goal you want to see data from. Scroll down to the “Campaign and Goal Statistics” section and your goal data will be available there.