Manual Trigger

Manual trigger helps you show your campaign anywhere on your site by calling a piece of JavaScript code.

Each Sleeknote campaign has an automatically-generated, unique JavaScript code. You can manually trigger your campaigns by calling this code from your button and link clicks, or other actions a visitor may take on your site.

Manual trigger gives you complete freedom. Let’s say, you want to trigger a campaign when visitors click a link on a specific page. All you need to do is to find your campaign’s unique JavaScript code, and call it when a visitor clicks that link.

After designing your campaign, move to the Display Settings step in your Campaign Builder, and switch Manual Trigger on:

Copy the code you see on the screen and use it in your CMS or your tag manager.

🤓 Hint: You can also find this JavaScript code in your Dashboard. Read this article to learn how.

Remember to activate your campaign as usual and add the Sleeknote tracking code to your site (if you haven’t already.)

⚠️ Important: Make sure that the main Sleeknote script is loaded before you fire this JavaScript.

Manual Trigger for Mobile Devices

As long as your mobile site has the same code structure as your desktop, the manual trigger will work the same way on mobile devices as the desktop version.