Integrating with Prestashop can be a little tricky, seeing as you have to use a different tracking code than you’d normally have to.

Before progressing to Prestashop, make sure to copy the following tracking code:

<script id='sleeknoteScript' type='text/javascript'>

(function () {

var sleeknoteScriptTag = document.createElement('script');

sleeknoteScriptTag.type = 'text/javascript';

sleeknoteScriptTag.charset = 'utf-8';

sleeknoteScriptTag.src = ('//');

var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];

s.parentNode.insertBefore(sleeknoteScriptTag, s);





You’ll have to replace the part saying CUSTOMERID with your own customer ID, which can be found in the original tracking code.






Now that you have the right tracking code, you’ll have to implement it onto your site in Prestashop, by following these steps:

1. Find your file “header.tpl” in your template folder under “themes/THEME_NAVN/

2. Open header.tpl

3. Paste in your Sleeknote tracking code before </head> tag

4. Add {literal} and {/literal} between your Sleeknote tracking code:


Sleeknote tracking code here





4. Save and close the file.

5. Now delete/force cache and compile your template files. Log in Prestashop admin and go to advanced parameters > cache and click ‘clear smarty cache & autoload cache’