To integrate MarketingPlatform (formerly known as eMailPlatform) with your Sleeknote account, first, you need to locate your MarketingPlatform token and username.

Get Your MarketingPlatform Token

  1. Contact MarketingPlatform Support Team and ask for them to enable your API access if you haven’t already.
  2. Log in to your MarketingPlatform account.
  3. Click “Integrations” on the left-hand menu and choose “Create API Key”.

4. Copy your API Username and Token on this page.

Insert Your MarketingPlatform Credentials

  1. Go to the Integrations step of your Campaign Builder, select MarketingPlatform from the list of available email service providers, and click “Continue”.

2. Enter the XML path you followed to log in, your username, and token, and click “Submit”.

3. Choose a MarketingPlatform list to send your new email signups, and click “Continue”.

4. Map your campaign’s input fields to your MarketingPlatform fields to make sure that the data we send is handled correctly in MarketingPlatform.

5. Finally, use the additional options to send custom data to MarketingPlatform, map additional data fields, enable double opt-in, and send a welcome email.

6. Click “Save Integration” and activate your campaign.

Now, your new email leads will automatically be added to the MarketingPlatform list you specified. 🎉

💭  Note: MarketingPlatform is compatible with Multistep campaigns.