Conversion Rate

What is the conversion rate?

The conversion rate of a campaign is the ratio of your leads to your campaign views.

In other words, your campaign’s conversion rate tells what percentage of the visitors that have seen your campaign completed the desired action.

Conversion Rate = (Leads / Views) x 100

How can I see my conversion rate?

In your Sleeknote Dashboard, you can see the conversion rates of your individual campaigns, as well as the average conversion rate of all your campaigns.

Visit the “Overview” tab to see a summary of your average conversion rate. Use filters, such as product type and date range, to get more detailed conversion rate insights.

On the “My Campaigns” tab, you can also see the conversion rate of each of your campaigns:

How can I improve my conversion rate?

The conversion rate of your campaigns depends on multiple factors, including but not limited to:

  • The number of your input fields;
  • Your campaign design;
  • Triggers and targeting options you use;
  • How user-friendly your campaigns are;
  • And so on.

The best way to find out what performs better for your audience is to A/B test your campaign copy, visuals, and targeting options.

If you need a headstart, here are four articles that might help you improve your conversion rates. 🚀