What is a session?

A session refers to the interactions a visitor takes on your site within a given time period. Everything a visitor does within that time frame equals to one session.

A session expires when there’s no user activity for 30 minutes. For example, the session doesn’t end when you simply close down and reopen your browser right away.

A user can visit multiple pages during one session. That’s why a session isn’t the same as a pageview.

Sessions include both new and returning visitors. Therefore, the number of sessions isn’t the same as the number of unique visitors.

Where can I see my sessions?

You can find your current number of sessions on Google Analytics, as well as on your Sleeknote account.

Visit the “Audience” tab of your Google Analytics account to view your sessions:

You can also see your total sessions on the left sidebar of your Sleeknote Dashboard:

Note that this number shows the total number of sessions within your billing period.

Due to the date range you choose, there might be differences in the numbers you see in Google Analytics and your Sleeknote data.

Why are sessions important?

At Sleeknote, we base our pricing plans on the number of sessions you have on your site.

If you reach the session limit included in your pricing plan, we’ll notify you via email, and find a plan that better suits your needs.

Sessions and Campaigns

We start counting your sessions once you implement the Sleeknote tracking code on your site. Even if you don't have any active campaigns, the session counter will be on.

If you're not running any live campaigns on your site, you can pause your account from the “Profile” page:

Pausing your account prevents our script from counting your sessions, so you don’t use up your sessions during an inactive period. However, this action won't cancel your subscription and your payments will continue as usual.