We base our pricing plans on the number of sessions you have on your site. But how do we define and measure sessions?

A session refers to the interactions a user takes on your site within a given time period. Everything a user does within that time frame is equal to one session.

Note that the number of sessions isn't the same as your number of unique visitors.

You can see an overview of your sessions in your Google Analytics account:



At Sleeknote, we measure your total number of sessions within a billing period.

We start measuring your number of sessions once you implement the tracking code on your website. This means that even if you don't have any active campaigns, we still count your number of sessions.



Note: If you're not running any campaigns on your website, you can pause your account from using up your sessions. Remember that this won't cancel your subscription.


Note that there might be slight differences in your number of sessions between Google Analytics and Sleeknote data, due to the differences in date range calculations.