Custom Fonts

With our Custom Fonts feature, you can upload any font you own to your Sleeknote account and use them across all your campaigns.

Once you upload a custom font, it will automatically be available in the campaign builder.

Here's how:

1. Go to your Sleeknote account and visit the "Account" tab.

2. Scroll down and find the section called "Brand Kit".

There are two ways you can upload custom fonts:

  • By uploading a font file; or
  • Linking to the location where your font file is hosted.

This feature supports the most common font file types: .otf .ttf .woff and .woff2


3. Click "Upload Font" and upload one or more font files from your computer.

4. Identify the font weight of each font you uploaded, whether they're regular, bold, italic, or bold italic.

This ensures that you use the right type of font weight when you select it while creating your campaigns.

5. Check the consent box accepting that you own the fonts and/or have the rights to use them for commercial purposes, and click "Yes, Next".

6. Give your font family a name and, finally, click "Upload fonts".

Now, your fonts should be visible under "Brand Kit".

Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 15.33.52

It also means that your new fonts are ready for use in our campaign builder.

Now you can use them in all your text fields, just like any other font.