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Hello Retail Product Recommendations

What is Hello Retail?

Hello Retail is a product recommendation tool that helps e-tailers make personalized recommendations on their online stores.

By using the Hello Retail element in our Campaign Builder, you can add dynamic product recommendations to your Sleeknote campaigns.

🚨 Note: You need a Hello Retail account to use this feature.

How to Use Hello Retail Recommendations in Your Campaigns

  1. Log in to your Hello Retail account and find the recommendation box you want to add to your Sleeknote campaign.
  2. Find the Product Box Key under “General Settings” and copy it.

3. In your Sleeknote Campaign Builder, drag the Hello Retail element from the right side menu and drop it onto your campaign.

4. Insert the Product Box Key you copied in Step #2.

Now your Hello Retail product feed will automatically load in this Sleeknote campaign.

5. Next, choose a style you want your products to be displayed in. Currently, there are two options available: "Slide" and "Card"

🤓 Hint: In Slide view, your visitors can change between products with a sliding motion. In Card view, products switch with a card flip animation.

6. Finally, update your call-to-action button, which will be displayed below your products.

🤔 Good-to-Know: All changes regarding the recommendation logic, the number of products, or price information, are made directly on your Hello Retail account. In other words, when you update your product recommendation boxes in your Hello Retail account, they'll automatically change in your Sleeknote campaigns, too.

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