Can I use Sleeknote on a website with multiple languages?

Yes, you can. 🎉

How you set up different campaigns for different languages depends on your domain structure.

Some websites, such as ASOS, keep different languages under one domain:

While others, like Zalando, set up separate domains for different languages:

If your websites are on the same domain…

You only need to implement your tracking code once.

While creating a campaign, simply enter your main domain:

Once you designed your language-specific campaign, use the “URL matches” option in Display Settings:

Now your campaign will only show on your Danish homepage. ✔︎

💡 Hint: Add a (*) after the URL to include all its subpages.

If your websites are on different domains…

You need to implement your tracking code on each domain separately.

Then, when you create a language-specific campaign, enter the domain you want to show this campaign on in Step 1:

Now your campaign will show only on your Danish website. ✔︎