A teaser acts as a miniature version of your campaign before and after the SleekBox is shown to your visitors.



It helps you to create a better user experience and evokes curiosity:




By using the "Teaser" step in our drag-and-drop editor, you can customize the copy and design of your teaser to make it fit the look and feel of your website.



If a visitor closes the SleekBox, the teaser will return to its original position and it'll give your visitors another chance to reopen the SleekBox, if they change their mind later.

Note that the triggers you set don't apply to the teaser. For example, if you set a timed trigger for 7 seconds before your campaign shows, your teaser won't be affected by that.

Mobile Teaser

By using our mobile-specific editor, you can optimize your teaser for better user experience.

Note: To comply with Google's interstitials policy, we added a height limit to mobile teasers.

If you don't immediately want to direct visitors' attention to your campaign on mobile, you can delay the teaser by typing the number of seconds you need:


Skærmbillede 2019-10-25 kl. 11.51.22


You have the option to hide the teaser both on desktop and mobile. Here's how:



However, for your campaign to show on mobile, make sure to use a different trigger than exit-intent.