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What is a Teaser?

A teaser acts as a miniature version of your campaign before and after it’s shown to your visitors. In other words, it’s a preview of your form step that we show to your visitors before and after the actual campaign is triggered.

Using a teaser ensures a better browsing experience for your visitors and evokes curiosity.

All campaign types, except for SleekBar, have the teaser option—both on desktop and mobile.

🔔  Reminder: When a visitor sees your teaser, it doesn’t count as a campaign view. The number of views indicates how many visitors have seen the form step of your campaign.

If a visitor closes your campaign, the teaser returns to its original position and gives your visitors another chance to reopen the campaign during their visit. (So they can easily view your campaign again when they decide to use your discount code. 😉)

🚨 Important: The triggers you set for your campaign don’t apply to the teaser. For example, if you set a trigger to show your campaign after 7 seconds, your teaser won’t be affected by that, and your visitors will see your teaser immediately.

How to Enable or Disable the Teaser

You can easily enable or disable the teaser for any campaign by using the Design step of the Campaign Builder.

Visit the Teaser step of your campaign and mark the checkbox “Disable” on the righthand menu.

(Uncheck the box to enable your teaser again. 🤓)

🚨 Note: If you disable the teaser, remember to add a trigger to it in the next step. If your campaign has no teaser and no triggers, it simply won’t show.

How to Customize Your Teaser

By using the same step, you can customize your teaser to make it fit the look and feel of your website.

In that step, you can change your teaser copy, background image and colors, borders, and all other design elements.

You can drag the teaser to adjust its width...

...and add a close button to make it even less intrusive.

💭  Hint: The teaser’s position is determined by the campaign’s position. If you want to change the position of your teaser on the page, you need to update your campaign position.

Pro Tip #1:
Add a free image to your teaser to make it stand out on your website—without being intrusive.

Pro Tip #2: Ask a curiosity-evoking question and consider using emojis to make your teaser more compelling.

Pro Tip #3:
If you’re running a limited-time offer, or announcing a product launch, add a countdown timer to your teaser. (Remember to set an end time for your countdown timer. 🤓)

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