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Custom Code

With our custom code element, you can insert your own HTML, CSS, or Javascript code directly into a Sleeknote campaign.

Most third-party tools have the option to embed their product as a Javascript snippet, such as SurveyMonkey, Calendly, HubSpot, Instagram, YouTube, and many more.

By using custom code, you can embed anything into a Sleeknote campaign that you’d be able to embed on a website.

How to Add Custom Code to Your Campaigns

To add custom code to a campaign, drag the Custom Code element from the right side menu and drop it onto your campaign:

Insert the code in the sidebar menu and the code will display directly in the campaign:

You can easily adjust the height of the element by using the same menu. If your snippet isn’t centered by default, you can enable centering with the “Center with CSS Flexbox” option. 

Note: This option uses FlexBox. If you’re writing your own HTML and CSS, make sure to take that into account.

How to Use Custom Code

There are no limits to what you can embed in your Sleeknote campaigns, but here are some suggestions that might inspire you:

  • Embed an image carousel;
  • Embed third party product recommendations;
  • Embed animations;
  • Embed videos;
  • Embed a live stream; or
  • Embed a third-party chat provider.

💡 Want to see these ideas in action? Check out this page to learn more about Custom Code.