How do I create a new custom field in Klaviyo?

You can create custom fields in Klaviyo, and use them in your Sleeknote campaigns to gather additional information from new signups.

  1. Log into your Klaviyo account, and click “Profiles” in the left menu:

2. Find or create a test profile, you can use to add new fields to. If you have your own email address in your contacts, you can just use that one. Click on your selected profile:

3. Go to the “Information” section under the profile and click “Add” next to “Custom Properties”:

4. Enter the name of your new field. In this case, we create a field called Signup Source. Enter a value of your field. (It doesn’t matter what the value is on your test profile, but we recommend adding a value you will use moving forward.) In this case, we use Sleeknote as the value to identify signups who come from Sleeknote. Click “Add property”:

Now your field is ready to be used. It will automatically be available for all contacts, and you can use it in your Sleeknote campaigns, email flows, and more.