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Date Input Field

With our date input field, you can ask your visitors to select and submit a date in a calendar through a date picker.

It’s useful for collecting birthdays, booking dates, due dates, and more in your campaigns.

To use the date input field in a campaign, simply visit the Design step of your campaign builder and find “Date Input” on the right-hand menu.

Then, drag and drop the element onto your campaign:

You can style the date input field just like any other element. For example, you can customize the font, background color, and so on, or mark it as a required field that visitors must fill out.

You can also set limits for the date picker and define the earliest and latest dates a visitor can select.

Good to Know 🤔

  • The dates are always sent to your email system in ISO format (YYYY-MM-DD). However, the date format your visitors see depends on their browser language.
  • The design of the date picker changes depending on your browser. For example, this is how it looks in Google Chrome:

  • If a date field is available in your email system, you can send this field to your integration as a date field. (Otherwise, it can be sent as a text field.)
  • Safari browsers don’t support the calendar date picker. When someone visits your website from Safari, the date input field will show to them as a text field, and our system will validate that the dates are in the correct format when they are submitted.
  • If you’re using Zapier, you can change the date format in Zapier by using “Formatter for Zapier.” 💡
  • If you’re using ActiveCampaign, you might need to change the date format in your email system to make sure you receive the dates correctly. See the video below to learn how. 🤓